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The online live training offers optimal conditions for getting to know your own emotionality. By meeting with our participants via a zoom interface, we can combine learning and practice in a great way. At the beginning of each week, the participants get to know the emotion together and then simultaneously get to the weekly task, which is to practice the learned, or exchange experiences. This is a very good motivation to really do something with what you have learned. The most important point in emotion training is to apply what you have learned in daily practice. This ensures the success of the training.

7 weeks 7 emotions ONLINE LIVE TRAINING is the online version of EMOTIONS Practitioner.

Accompanying the online course there is offered an online group in which the participants can exchange ideas with each other and which at the same time is suitable for announcements and if necessary also for special requests of the participants. There is also each lesson available as record for repetition.

Getting to know 7 emotions online

On the basis of Paul Ekman’s findings, we developed the EQTing method. Seven emotions pursue seven life goals. Seven emotions are your most personal tool to shape and develop your life at all levels. The award winning EQTing method uses a simple model to provide the options of getting t o know and using these emotions.

In 14 sessions (7×120 min and 7×60 min) you get to know yourself in a completely new way. You learn to conciously influence your thoughts and your body. 

Between sessions you will be given exercises. You can exchange your experiences with other participants in a closed online group. If you miss a session, you will get access to all already completed trainings in our online work arena. The only requirement for particiation is an internet-enabled PC or smartphone. You will recive more detailed information after your registration or, if you are interested, in advanced in a nonbinding consultation.

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