Emotions are extraordinarily wonderful. They give life its great moments, they create similarities and bring people together.

But:: When heavy emotions collide, these wonderful elements of human life can also become a substantial burden. This leads to a challenges in daily life, which repeatedly lead to divisions, distrust and discord. When I am emotionally driven, it is not always easy to keep an eye on the goal, to find solutions with other people, or simply to give one’s own inner child a hint with which it can find its own way again.

Every person lives emotionally – every day

Last but not least, it is the longings for personal change that bring us to the edge of our courage and get us out of our beloved comfort zone. Whether you are a couple looking for solutions for the common path of life, whether you accompany pebescent children, want to steer your favorite dog wordlessly or whether you are striving for further development: Your emotionality decides where you end up.

The EQTing method

For this reason, we have set out to make emotions a directly usable resource. This resource opens up new options for action. Many people know that an emotional dispute is not settled by clarifying the facts, but by the empathic understanding my counterpart. Real communication requires practice in dealing with ones own emotions.

We offer you support in this process through coaching and training. With the Circle of Emotions© you get to know seven emotions, one after the other, according to the EQTing method, so that you can easily build them up and break them down, just the way you need them.

Find out what your most human resourece can do for you.

Below you will find formats designed for individuals in private settings. All products, including those from the business sector, can be found here..

Discover your emotions as the most important resource.

Emotional challenges in everyday working life

seminars coming up please find seminar dates further down The daily madness. Does this sound familiar to you: a bad online evaluation pops up, the supplier calls because of a high additional demand, criticism comes from the top, the boss gets loud. At the same time, three new customers are…