EMOTIONS Practitioner – FOLLOW UP Webinar
Webinar: Intensification of EMOTIONS Practitioner

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After two days of EQTing [BASICS] – Master of my emotions, you will have the opportunity to continue training the EQTing method using the Circle of Emotions©.  Additionally you get acces to the EQTing Acadamy’s online training.

Access to the training platform via all common end devices: PC, Mac, iPad, Tablets & smartphones


  • Video: Introduction to the online course
  • Chapter 1 – 7
    • Video: Overview of the respective basic emotions 1-7 with further content
      Christoph Theile and Stefan Sohst present to you the fundamentals of the 7 basic emotions and give examples and instructions for its use in daily life. All videos are based on the EQTing training concept.
    • excercise: application of the basic emotion in daily (professional) life
    • excercise: recognizing micromimics and reporting about the experiences of the emotion
    • exchange: within the group of trainees
    • Every 2 weeks another chapter with the following emotion will be unlocked when the previous lesson has been completed
  • Supplementary materials
    • Circle of Emotions©
    • Animated Powerpoint application for emotional regularities
    • Current and selected articles and publications on the subject of emotions