advanced emotional competence

Scheduled trainings

You have learned about all seven emotions, now it is time to integrating this knowledge and resource into your professional or private everyday life. Together we develop new strategies by working on concrete assignments to reach our personal goals and improve our daily life based on the power of concious emotionality. We will deal with the dissolution of inner beliefs, fixed patterns of behavior and emotionally controlled communication.


In order to take part in this course, you must first attent EQTing [EMOTIONS PRACTITIONER], as this is an indepth course.


  • Circle of Emotions© with its 4th level of action
  • Inner beliefs and fixed patterns of behavior
  • Emotions for advanced learners
    • complex emotions
    • developing complex emotional sequences
    • combining emotional sequences and complex emotions
  • Emotional encouter
    • perceiving and naming emotions of my couterpart
    • influence through my own emotions
    • being empathetic and listening emotionally
    • solving conflicts emotionally
  • Emotional standing
    • switching between introverted and extroverted behavior
    • emotional presentations
    • standing speech and repartee
  • Roleplay

Online training

10×2 hours via Zoomcall

On-site training

2 day training at different seminat locations or as part of a company training course (booking here).