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The daily madness.

Does this sound familiar to you: a bad online evaluation pops up, the supplier calls because of a high additional demand, criticism comes from the top, the boss gets loud. At the same time, three new customers are acquired and the team is in party mood for the rest of the day. An emotional rollercoaster, the daily madness.

The key to success.

It is a mistake to believe that we eliminate emotional situations by defining procedures and rules for everything that everyone follows – without getting emotionally entangled. Our emotions and those of our counterpart determine the respective perceptions, sensations, evaluations and assessments of situations that permanently influence our behaviour and that of our counterpart – intentionally or unintentionally. If, for example, a colleague feels unfairly treated and there is an official employee complaints procedure, she can be referred there with her complaint. If the colleague’s emotional state is properly addressed beforehand, this alone could help to resolve the conflict. The key to success is to recognize the emotions, know how to use them and know where to learn and practice them: wellcome to the emotions seminar with EQTing!

Common educational goals

We briefly dive into the scientific basics to understand how the human brain works, what power is in our thinking and feeling, how emotions support us and why we should pay attention to our own emotions.

The advantage: there are only seven emotions that are crucial. These basic emotions do not need to be learned separately. They are available to everyone from birth. Mostly they appear unintentionally, often at the most inappropriate moments. How well one uses and controls individual emotions is checked in advance (see Preparation for Training). The result analysis helps us to determine the individual starting point.

The Circle of Emotions© is the most innovative and effective tool to find your way in the world of emotions. With this tool, every participant has the exclusive opportunity to explore the seven basic emotions piece by piece and to recognize the effects and interactions of emotional situations through the training. Thus, they are able to cope well with the emotional challenges of everyday working life.

This training is an emotional journey in two ways. We know from experience that the flair and the emotions associated with the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Valencia and Vienna alone help the participants to face the common educational goals in a much more open, focused and enthusiastic way..

Preparation for the seminar

Each participant completes the ESQ7 online questionnaire. That much is revealed: ESQ7 stands for “Emotional Status Quo of the 7 Basic Emotions” and thus shows a picture of how well trained the participants are already in the use of these emotions. The result is discussed with the trainer team during the training.



  • Entry into the world of emotions
  • Handout and analysis of the personal ESQ7
    Evaluation of the personal, emotional status quo
  • Scientific basics
    From Paul Ekman to the neurobiological understanding of how our brain works. The power behind our thinking and feeling.
  • The Circle of Emotions©
    The most innovative method for emotional sovereignty. 7 emotions with their laws and mechanisms according to the EQTing method. Clear definition of the basic emotions.
  • Facial expressions and body language
    Recognize your own emotions and those of my counterpart. How my emotions affect my counterpart and vice versa.


3 daysTraining.




Hamburg: 27.-29.04.2020 in German language

Berlin: 18.-20.05.2020 in German language

Berlin: 10.-12.08.2020 in German language

Valencia: 05.-07.10.2020 in english language

Berlin: 16.-18.11.2020 in German language