The speakers of the EQTing Academy are Christoph Theile, Stefan Sohst and Dr. Franz Sperlich. Each of the three experienced speakers stand for their own area of expertise.

Christoph Theile – Leadership needs emotions

The most emotional business mathematician of the North. After studying business mathematics and food marketing, Christoph Theile spent many years in charge of personnel development in large German trading companies. He is passionate about leadership development using the EQTing method and the Circle of Emotions(c) and has received several awards for this concept.

The CEO of the EQTing Academy has been an executive mentor and elite coach of middle and top management in all sized companies in Germany and abroad since 2010. He gives his keynotes in German and English.

Stefan Sohst – The emotional power for change

Stefan Sohst completed a university education as a pastor after studying business IT and worked in this field for several years. At the same time, he has supported companies in IT projects for over 20 years. Since 2013 he has focused on training in companies, with a focus on leadership development, communication and emotional education. Today he is Managing Director of EQTing GmbH and won the HR Excellence Award for Emotional Leadership in the area of executive development in 2017.

Dr. Franz Sperlich – Self Mentoring

Doctor, keynote speaker, trainer, expert in applied neuroscience. Dr. Franz Sperlich is a physician from the heart and his enthusiasm for health he offers his patients for almost 20 years in his private practice in Lilienthal. After his scientific studies and a research project in the USA, he first turned to complementary methods and finally summarized them as Integrative Medicine. Dr. Sperlich has a broad range of additional qualifications and a Master’s degree in Complementary Medicine, Cultural Sciences and Medicine.

In addition to his practice, he is in great demand as a lecturer for inspiring people on the topics of self-management, prevention and healthy leadership. His wish is to illuminate the topic of vitality from all sides and to give his audience, trainees and patients the necessary impulses for their self-efficacy. He gives his keynotes in German and English.