Either as an educational leave in Valencia or as as an in-house seminar for your company…

Sovereign leadership needs emotions

Emotions are our main resource

Emotions drive us and fill us with passion, they allow us to tackle things full of energy and help us to intuitively know what is good for us and what we should rather distance ourselves from. In our professional management context they are an important connector and enable us to experience our everyday life in a fulfilled and intensive way. Thus, emotions act as a fuel for teamwork, the advancement of projects and the individual career. Those who are consistent with their emotions, who conciously recognize them and who have learned to use them will find extremely effective supporters in them.

Experiencing the confidence in dealing with one’s own emotions in everday management life

Emotional Leadership provides you with the path to emotional sovereignty. Get to know your seven basic emotions and practise using them for your professional challenges as a manager. The award winning Emotional Leadership concept combines the topics of emotions and leadership in a 3 or 5 day intensive course in a unique way. Practice transfer guaranteed!


In preparation for the training each participant takes part in the ESQ7-C. The result is the evaluation of the personal emotional status quo, which is given to each participant during the training. Each participant gets a picture of how he/she is already trained with the seven emotions and which strengths result from them with regard to the professional management context.

Target group

Emotional Leadership is aimed at managers and employees, who conciously want to use their emotions for their daily work, cooperation in working groups and meetings, public presentations and appearances. In an intensive 3 or 5 day training you will learn how to deal confidentliy with your own emotions.

Difference between 3 days training to 5 days training: during the 5 day training, the focus is placed even more on the practical implementation in role plays. In addition, the topic of team leadership will be given another day.

Trainers and coaches

All trainers are certified business coaches, have many years of leadership experience and are certified as Emotional Leadership Practitioners. The head trainer Christoph Theile has 12 years of executive training experience in corporations and medium-sized companies. He has been awarded the HR Excellence Award for Leadership Development for his Emotional Leadership concept, the Innovation Award of the DVCT (German Association for Coaching and Training) and as a Top Coach of Xing and Focus.

EMOTIONAL LEADERSHIP 5 days funded educational leave

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  • Access to the world of emotions:
  • The seven basic emotions
  • Micromimik and body language.
  • My emotional status quo (ESQ7)
  • Basics of leadership:
  • Leadership styles and their application
  • The role of the executive in the company
  • Six principles of effective management by Malik
  • Types of personality based on Riemann/Thomann
  • Recognizing one’s own strengths (LIFO)

Personnel Management

  • Communication in leadership
  • Giving feedback with the Circle of Emotions©
  • The strengths of the employees
  • motivating employees
  • Tasks of effective leadership based on seven basic emotions
  • Ensuring goals
  • Making decisions
  • Delegating tasks


  • The changing team – leading the four team development phases emotionally
  • Facilitation of conflicts within the team by using the Circle of Emotions©
  • Chairing meetings
  • presentations in front of a group
  • The final role play stage
  • Working on practical cases of the participants