Neuro-Emotional Leadership

Bringing success to the management task in a brain friendly way

The training

In contrast to how it appears to us, our perceptions and decisions are always based on our emotions. Therefore the influence of our emotions on our actions and those of our emplyees have been underestimated for quite some time. During this training you will learn how to use your emotions and knowledge about the human brain in everyday life management in a goal-oriented and conscious way and how to take the reins confidently.

Your Trainer

Christoph Theile is the specialist in leadership based on the award-winning EQTing method for conscious emotion regulation of the seven basic emotions and has been training managers since 2006.  Franz Sperlich MD is a physician who has carried out fundamental brain research in the USA and established narrative mentoring at universities. The combination of these two trainers offers not only an up-to-date, scientifically based level but also a completely new experience of individual knowledge transfer.


  • Self-management
    • Brain Basics – how and what our brain is made for
    • Introduction to the world of emotions. Basic scientific information.
    • Biological principles for perormance and health
    • Circle of Emotions© and the seven basic emotions
    • Seven emotions with their laws and mechanisms according to the EQTing method
    • Brain to brain – how communication really works
    • Micromimik and body language: recognizing and naming emotions
    • The personal regulation of emotions
    • Status Quo – stress regulation with HRV
  • Personnel Management
    • Basics of emotional communication
    • Biological basics for successful team communication
    • Giving feedback with the Circle of Emotions©
    • Micromimik and body language: how my emotions affect my counterpart.
    • Toolkit conflict management