EQTing [LIFE COACHING] achieving personal goals in everyday life!


Emotions are our most important resource

Emotions drive us and fill us with passion, they allow us to tackle things full of energy and help us to intuitively know what is good for us and what we should rather distance ourselves from. For every personal relationship they are an important connector and enable us to experience our everyday life in a fulfilled and intensive way. In our professional context, emotions act as a fuel for teamwork, the advancement of projects and the individual career. Those who are consistent with their emotions, who conciously recognize them and who have learned to use them will find extremely effective supporters in them.

Process of coaching

The coaching process is divided into five steps.

  1. Getting to know each other, target finding and analysis
  2. Phase of change
  3. Implementation support
  4. Reaching goals / final phase
  5. Eco check (what will be my status quo once I have reached my goal)


In preparation for the training each coachee takes part in the ESQ7-C. The result is the evaluation of the personal emotional status quo, which is given to the coachee during the coaching. Each participant gets a picture of how he/she is already trained with the seven emotions and which strengths result from it.

Target group 

EQTING [LIFE COACHING] adresses privat individuals who want to consciously use their emotions for the challenges they face in their daily lives and who want to achieve their personal goals through coaching.

General topics for Life Coaching

  • identifying personal strengths
  • dealing with my emotions and those of my counterpart
  • relationship problems
  • puberty
  • realignment in the job
  • grief counseling