The ESQ⁷ questionnaire

The ESQ⁷ questionnaire is an online questionnaire that captures the emotional status quo of a person. The result shows how skilled the person is in the conscious use of his/her emotions in daily life. All training participants and coachees fill out this questionnaire for preparation and get the result presented and explained in the seminar/coaching. With this result, the participant becomes aware of the emotions in which the personal learning fields can be.

There are different formats and evaluations of the ESQ⁷, tailored to the target group and the need for training or coaching. The following evaluations are available:

  • Emotional status (ESQ⁷ – A)
  • Emotional status and personal strengths (ESQ⁷ – B)
  • Emotional status and the standard leadership strengths (ESQ⁷ – C)

This questionnaire is about your emotions, more precisely about your current status, how you use your emotions at work, regardless of whether consciously or unconsciously. The ESQ⁷ describes the emotional status quo, your current emotional range of possibilities and options within your emotional learning fields. The ESQ⁷ is based on the EQTing concept Circle of Emotions©, the central tool of the EQTing Academy, with the aim of fundamentally training the concsious use of your personal emotions.

Data this evaluation does not provide 

This is not about the qualification of your personality or abilities. Emotions develop in different life situations. Whether you use them depends on whether you have lived in a developmental environment in which the respective emotion had a positive context. The emotional status quo reflects your current state of readiness to use the respective emotion.

Where are you at with your emotions right now? 

We have developed the Circle of Emotions© concept to give you the opportunity to get to know your own emotional powers well enough to make use of them consciously in all situations in life. The EQTing concept Circle of Emotions© therefore is the basis for ESQ⁷, your emotional status quo.

What can the ESQ7 questionnaire do for you? 

Our emotions develop fundamentally to their potential up to the age of five and continue to unfold into old age if we allow them to. With ESQ⁷ we can show you your current emotional profile and your emotional potential based on your answers.

Emotions in your professional as well as personal surroundings 

Emotions accompany us in our daily lives, whether personally or professionally – all day long. We have therefore placed emotions at the centre of our activities. With their help we want to show our clients to access their own wmotions, how to recognize and control them.

Example of ESQ⁷-A:

thumbnail of EQTing ESQ7