TEAM BUILDING – using seven emotions within the team
Transform a group into a powerful team with seven emotions

The 5 dysfunctions of a team

A team should be efficient, work well together and ideally provide optimal support for all problems. Unfortunately, reality often looks quite different. Many teams suffer from so.called dysfunctions, which prevent good teamwork.

  1. lack of openness
  2. artificial harmony and a lack of willingness to engage in conflict
  3. Ambiguity as an enemy to responsibility
  4. Low standards
  5. Dominance of status and ego

All these functions have their origin in those active emotions that each person brings into the team. Without looking at the world of emotions there will be no relief and solution, let alone a way to a powerful team.

The EQTing method helps each team member to get in touch with the most important team resource which is emotionality, and enables the participants to recognize and acknowledge emotions and conciously use emotions. The result is a team that communicates in a constructive and critical way. Consistent harmony has not yet brought a team forward!


In preparation for the training each participant takes part in the ESQ7-C. The result is the evaluation of the personal emotional status quo, which is given to each participant during the training. Each participant gets a picture of how he/she is already trained with the seven emotions and which strengths result from it.

Target group

Emotional Leadership is aimed at people who work in teams and who consciously want to use their emotions for daily work, cooperation in working groups and meetings, public presentations and appearances. In a two day workshop, you will learn how to deal with your emotins in a common, confident manner – always keeping the entire team in mind.


The team training is usually developed in dialogue with the manager and selected team members or respectively after an intensive briefing. In each team training the participants experience the EQTing method based on the Circle of Emotions© being the foundation of those two days.